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The ingenious solution: MES 2020 –
dry walls thanks to gentle physics

With the MES 2020 wall dehydration system, we provide you with a reliable and affordable alternative to other processes that require lots of building work and expense. The unit is based on the principle of remote-controlled, electro-physical wall dehydration, has been developed in Germany and has been successfully used throughout Europe for many years.

The MES 2020 system can be installed in your building without complex building work. It is environmentally-friendly, works efficiently and permanently deals with moisture in masonry without the use of damaging chemicals. Plenty of satisfied customers and the large selection of reference buildings across Europe speak volumes for our system.

With our MES 2020 system, we offer you a unique and gentle solution for restoring your moisture damages. Our years of experience and tests in private and public areas are proof of the effectiveness of our system.


Satisfied customers and successfully restored buildings are our top priority. This is why you are given an extensive guarantee with the MES 2020 system, which covers both the unit and the drying process in your building. The gentle process and our guarantee services mean that there is no risk and you can test the system without any worries.


  • A permanent basic solution for dealing with rising damp
  • Environmentally-friendly solution without the use of chemicals
  • No building work: also suitable for listed building
  • Used thousands of times throughout Europe
  • With satisfaction and drying guarantee
  • Affordable and gentle process